Answering Common Questions About Living With Diabetes


Answering Common Questions about Living with Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease that wreaks havoc on the body over time. Finding out you have diabetes can be daunting news, but there are ways in which you can live an active, healthy and normal lifestyle with the disease. Check out some answers to some common diabetes questions.

Your diet is essentially the main thing to focus on if you have diabetes. With the disease, the body no longer produces insulin, which is a hormone that regulates your body's carbohydrates and allows you to properly metabolize fats. Eating the wrong diet can cause your blood sugar to reach dangerously high levels, whereas a controlled diet can help you to control the disease.

Your body's blood sugar is essentially your body's energy. With diabetes, your blood sugar is always going to be out of balance without medication. Proper exercise can burn off excess blood sugar and also help to normalize glucose levels. It's a 1-2 punch with insulin and proper exercise. If you can remain vigilant with your regimen, you can fight diabetes effectively.

Motivation is something that's different for everyone. However, the easiest way to remain motivated is to witness the results from exercise initially. If you can stay motivated long enough to exercise for a week or two, you will begin to feel a lot better, and you will be driven to keep exercising so that you can continue to thrive with the disease. So, essentially, proper health is its own motivation. Beyond that, you should be looking for exercises that are actually fun, like sporting activities and other things you enjoy doing. As long as you enjoy exercising, it is far less of a chore to do.

Stress is really detrimental to any condition, much less a condition like diabetes. Stress levels can cause mood swings, depression, and other ill side effects that will sap your energy and your motivation. Stress will make it difficult for you to maintain control of your condition. And as soon as you begin to slip on your diabetes maintenance, things can easily begin to snowball. What starts out as a little stress and a lapse in care can turn into a lot of stress and a lax lifestyle that will advance your condition dramatically.

Medication is really the only proper way to care for diabetes. You can exercise well for better results. You can eat the proper diet and feel a lot better physically and mentally. You can even experience weeks or even months free of symptoms. But if your sugar levels ever spike or crash, you're in serious danger of going into shock, losing limbs, losing your eyesight, and other serious consequences if you're not taking your insulin.

You have to realize, above all, that having diabetes is a serious disease. Although it is fairly easy to treat with some diligence, proper information, and careful attention to detail, it is also very easy to lose control of things. Use the tips from the above article to help you stay in control of your disease.