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7 Emergency Tips to Use for Diabetes

Even people who work hard to control their diabetes can still suffer from some pretty serious side effects. You never really know when your body is going to react badly, since you can no longer regulate blood sugar. So just in case of an emergency, it's always best to have a plan prepared.

What is your emergency plan during an earthquake or a power outage? Most people do have one. Well, you definitely need one if you have diabetes. An emergency is much more likely to arise from your disease. Do you have insulin stashed? Do you have an emergency contact handy or 911 on speed dial? Do you have some snacks you can grab to up your blood sugar? Start planning today. Preparedness is essential.

When you think of diabetes supplies, you think of insulin and perhaps some healthy snacks that will give you a blood sugar boost. Having low blood sugar might make you feel only a little drained with diabetes, but you could end up going into shock if you don't have a stockpile around. You should be storing at least three days worth of insulin and some snacks around the home and even at work.

If your blood glucose meter fails to work, you will have no way to check your levels. Going without checking your levels is literally life-threatening. You should always make sure to keep extra batteries around the home. Don't wait for the batteries to go dead either. Switch them out every two weeks. You can put the used batteries in a remote control, or a watch until they go completely dead so that you don't waste them. Just make sure you have fresh power for your meter.

In terms of a fast-acting source of sugar, you're probably looking at white sugar. This is only for cases where your blood sugar is really in the tank and you need a boost. A small amount of candy can really pick your levels up in a hurry.

Different things will obviously work differently for you, so when it comes to stocking different supplies for your condition, you will need to identify the types of supplies that are best suited for you. Reading about the supplies to keep from an article might be the wrong approach. Identify what works specifically for you.

Your first emergency contact should always be the hospital. Getting there and getting treated is the top priority. However, when you're sick, your loved ones are going to want to know. You're going to need someone there by your side and someone who holds your proxy if you happen to slip into a coma or something drastic. Make sure you list all of your emergency contacts.

A simple bracelet that says you're a diabetic can be a real lifesaver if you're ever in an accident and have to be taken to the hospital. This little piece of jewelry will save your life.

Dealing with diabetes is something that a lot of people find daunting. But the reality is that you have this disease. Now you must work to prepare for the worst-case scenario. You don't have a choice.

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