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Simple Ways to Control Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder that can have debilitating medical consequences. You can control your condition without using medication. If you are one of the millions considered to be pre-diabetic, just a few lifestyle changes can help you stop the progression of diabetes. Exercise, diet and weight loss combine to battle high blood sugar, insulin resistance and an overworked pancreas.

Obesity is a major factor in the development of diabetes. Increasing the amount of physical activity you do may lead to enough weight loss to improve the insulin resistance that causes diabetes. If you are diabetic, it will be more difficult to lose weight because insulin resistance increases fat storage. Diabetics who also develop high blood pressure increase their risk of developing heart disease.

Fiber is low on the glycemic index and slows digestion. Consuming soluble fiber slows your body's digestion and absorption of sugar, which leads to more stable blood glucose levels. Certain types of foods that are high in fiber also provide magnesium. Studies indicate that people who have a diet low in magnesium are more likely to develop diabetes.

Improving your diabetes requires a change in lifestyle, not a temporary decrease in weight. Fad diets may help you lose weight quickly but eventually the weight will come back. In the end, you may even add weight. These types of diets also wreak havoc on the body. Your body may not be able to compensate for a sudden absence of all carbohydrates and the presence of excessive protein.

A diabetic's diet should be high in nutrients and antioxidants but low in fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are more damaging to a diabetic that complex carbohydrates, which can be consumed in moderation. Non-starchy vegetables, fruits ans beans provide valuable nutrients and are low in calories and fat. Fruits and vegetables are also high in the antioxidants that help your body repair itself.

It is important to space your meals evenly throughout the day and plan tour meals wisely. If you go too long without eating or skip meals and snacks, you may experience the symptoms associated with hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar is more of a danger to many diabetics than high blood sugar, especially those taking insulin. You can still enjoy your favorite dessert but you must lower your consumption of other carbohydrates to compensate for the occasional sweet treat. Fruit is a perfect choice for everyday natural sweetness. Avoid fruit juice that has been robbed of most of its nutrients and may have added sugar. Overeating or consuming a large amount of carbohydrates can cause a spike in blood glucose. Your body will try to compensate by producing too much insulin and your pancreas will become overworked.

These simple changes in lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on your health. Even a small amount of weight loss has been shown to improve diabetes. It is important to consult your physician before starting a new exercise routine or diet plan to avoid putting your health at risk.

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