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Delicious Chinese Cooking Methods - Bring Variety Into Cooking


With different types of Chinese cooking methods available nowadays, food lovers have explored a new cuisine platform in the culinary arts arena. These methods give the chefs and cooks a perfect blend of colors, aromas, essence, and food qualities of the Chinese food culture. The mostly basic food ingredients remain the same, the preparation technique is the difference in the preparation of food recipes. Each food item can be prepared in different ways by adopting different styles of cooking.

Some of the basic activities of Chinese Cooking Methods can be highlighted as boiling, frying, braising, stewing, sautéing, steaming, simmering and smoking. In Chinese Cooking Methods frying plays a key role and is considered one of the most important activities in every recipe. This can be further classified as slippery-frying, deep-frying and quick-frying. Also the method has several parameters for cooking which depends which ingredient is used. For instance, to keep meat flavorful and juicy, frying is opted; while in case of Vegetables frying helps to make them crispy. As a fast food preparation the speed of these Chinese Cooking Methods becomes an important factor while preparing these Chinese dishes where all the ingredients are swiftly stirred and then fried.

Sautéing or shallow-cooking is the other common activity of the Chinese cooking method. Sautéing uses much less oil than the deep-frying technique and require lower temperatures than stir-frying. Sautéing is done on both sides or on one single side. In sautéing, the foods items are browned slowly in oil. As a result the food gets softer from inside and crispier from outside. Sautéing is generally followed by sauce making. Stewing, boiling, braising and simmering are some of the other Chinese cooking methods used for cooking food. In parboiling the chopped and washed ingredients are put in a large pot in which they can easily float. The ingredients are then cooked over high heat. Slow and prolonged boiling destroys the flavor as well as the nutritional value of the food to some extent. To avoid this, most of the cooking is usually done with the help of slow simmering heat as it helps maintain the nutritional value.

Smoking and Cold Mixing activities of Chinese Cooking Methods, involve food items that are precooked while in roasting the marinated raw ingredients are seasoned before barbecuing over direct heat. Whereas Cold Mixing is done with parboiled or scalded ingredients mixed in salads and then chilled before serving. Finally the poaching method is a technique where the ingredients are cooked in liquid just below the boiling point. This method is especially recommended for cooking delicate fish, where the fish is cooked till the meat gets tender. Lastly these Chinese cooking methods are just the few techniques to make Chinese cooking and food a real treat for food lovers.