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´╗┐Retain The Culture With A Chinese Cooking Wok


A Chinese cooking wok is an all purpose utensil has found a unique place in modern America and ancient Chinese cooking traditions. Chinese cooking is all about learning the traditional cooking methods and the qualitative features including nourishment and sanitation. The experience of cooking Chinese food can be fun with the use of proper cooking utensils. People have now realized the importance of cooking Chinese dishes with traditional utensils allowing them to re-creating the exact flavor. Hence, fulfilling the needs of potential buyers, there are many stores across the world that carries a collection of Chinese utensils.

A Chinese cooking wok is the basic equipment which plays an important role in household cooking. The wok is designed with as a round bottom vessel. The round bottom helps it to fit perfectly over the stove. A Chinese cooking wok is used for variety of purposes like stir frying, steaming, braising, deep frying and stewing. It is also beneficial in the preparation of soups. The wok is hammered by hand, then flipped from inside or outside once the shape is perfect. The hammering helps by giving the wok a tender flare at the edges to allow the food to be pushed inside easily. In western countries, woks are designed similar to a deep frying pan with a flat bottom.

There have been few innovation techniques in designing, which has made the wok more compatible with western ranges. The double handled wok is more frequently used than the single handle wok. The adaptor ring at the bottom helps to maintain the grip of the wok over the stove top. The woks are available in different sizes and are serving the purpose of various household needs. A thirty six centimeter wok can be used for a family purpose. A small cooking wok is used for household cooking whereas large size woks are used by the restaurants for large quantity cooking.

The handles used in Chinese cooking wok can be categorized in two types namely the loop handles and stick handles. The loop handle is the most common type of handle used in woks and is made up of bare metal. A stick handle is made up of carbon steel with the surface similar to Teflon. Most of the woks are made from iron or carbon steel. A wok has several advantages over the simple frying pan. It helps in the uniform heat distribution, requires less intake of oil and ensures proper tossing of the food. A replica of a good Chinese cooking wok is impossible to find.