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´╗┐Chinese Cooking Taro - A Nutritious and Tasty Dish


Chinese cooking Taro is a part of well known classical methodology of cooking, of a starchy root herb. It is used marvelously for different Chinese cuisines throughout the world. Different types of Chinese foods are accepted and enjoyed in many countries with Chinese cooking taro as fast food because of their nutrition and taste values. Different nations use this omnipresent food as their part of culinary delights by cooking them in different ways and methods.

China has a long list of foods that are influenced by the festivals and religion within China. The most well known and well accepted cuisines like Chinese cooking taro from China have evolved several dishes like Manchurian, Noodles, Spring rolls and other recipes. This starchy vegetable that grows below the ground and in water rich soil has a thick and tall stem. The stems are covered by a big leaf that has a triangular shape. The plant is rich in carbohydrates, thiamine, vitamin b-1, vitamin C, iron and potassium.

This Chinese cooking taro, a well known cuisine has dishes named after it such as stewed taro with green onions. The main ingredients of the Chinese cooking taro includes one medium taro about one pound, six cloves of garlic, chopped three to four tablespoons of peanut oil, one to two tablespoons of light soy sauce, one to two cups of hot water, two to three green onions that are cut thin and round.

Before cooking the taro, it needs to be peeled to remove its muddy skin. If the taro is not fresh or is spotted, it should be trimmed until we can see the white flesh that has purple markings on it. According to the size of the taro it has to be cut crosswise and have pieces that are at least one fourth inch thick.

The Chinese cooking taro involves the procedure in, which a wok has to be heated until it starts emitting smoke. The wok is then covered with oil to coat the surface and keep the food from sticking or burning. After cooking for about fifteen to twenty seconds, garlic can be added to flavor the pieces of taro. The taro and garlic are then stirred until the taro becomes light brown in color. Afterwards water is to be poured in the wok till it barely covers the taro. The water is then boiled and cooked on medium flame for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The taro has to be stirred continuously so that it does not stick to the wok.

Finally the Chinese cooking taro has to be served hot along with some steamed rice for a perfect eating delight.